VR Conference 2017 Berlin

The conference begins at 09:30 am and ends at 5 pm. You can buy your tickets here.


MORNING: SPEAKERS confirmed so far

1. Linda Rath-Wiggins (CEO, Vragments)  – Words of welcome

2. Zillah Watson (BBC Commissioning Editor for Virtual Reality)  –  VR research & development

– Zillah is the author of Reuters Institute Report on VR for News. She offers insights into what lies ahead for VR in the newsroom.

3. Charles Ayats (Independent UX designer) – ‘Carte Blanche’

– Charles takes the audience on a journey to discover VR examples from the worlds of animation, art, design and fiction, curated with 100% editorial freedom.

4. Florian Conrad (Lecturer, University of Applied Sciences HTW) – Digging up history with spatial audio

–  Working with spatial audio in VR has the potential to guide users through the story in a genuinely immersive way. Conrad uses Stasi interrogations: Manipulated confessions as a case study.

5. Daniel Sproll (CXO, realities.io) – On photogrammetry for storytelling

– Daniel is combining photogrammetry & non-linear storytelling to create photorealistic and interactive factual VR. And he’s bringing a surprise in his suitcase.

Afternoon: Demonstrations and Workshop

1.VR BLN Meetup: Introduction to and overview of the Berlin VR community by Alex Grobe and Philip Hausmeier.

2. Station 1: Showcasing Stasi VR (Deutschlandfunk)

3. Station 2: Showcasing We Wait (BBC)

4. Station 3: Showcasing work by NowHere Media

5. Station 4: Demonstration of Matterport 3D Camera by Mesh Images

6. Station 5: Showcasing photogrammetric virtual reality by realities.io

7. Station 6: 360° video work from Iraq, Ukraine, Singapur, Brazil and France by IntoVR

8. A-Frame workshop (2 hrs): VR and the Web

– Stephan Gensch will show you how to make journalistic WebVR, mainly using A-Frame. After watching best practices, it will be your turn. Bring a laptop and smartphone, if possible.


9:00 am: Doors open
9:30 am: Words of welcome
09:45 am: Three talks (20 min + 10 min Q&A each)
11:15 am: Break
11:30 am: Two talks (20 min + 10 min Q&A each)
12:30 pm: Lunch break
13:30 – 16:30 pm: Demonstrations
14:30 – 16:30 pm: Workshop
16:60 – Words of goodbye



The VR Conference for Journalism & Documentary is that one day in the year where narrative pioneers come together in Berlin. VR enthusiasts, journalists, interactive documentary makers, early technology adopters and other non-fiction storytellers meet to share experiences, seek inspiration and head back home feeling ‚virtually real‘. The conference is self-organised and all costs are covered by ticket sales. The talks of the first conference in 2015 can be found here. The programme from last year can be found here.


Linda Rath-Wiggins, PhD (@Lynda420) is the co-founder and CEO of the Berlin-based VR startup Vragments. They are currently building a VR tool for journalists called Fader.

Frédéric Dubois (@fredericdubois) is a maker of interactive documentary and editor of the Internet Policy Review.

Lorenz Matzat (@lorz) is the founder of the software company Lokaler, he works in data journalism and oversees @vrjournalist.